Music Monday Starts Today!

The Journey Cafe’s After-School Arts Program (ASAP) officially begins today! Dan Bailey is leading our Monday program, which will focus on musical skills and production. Dan Bailey will lead this program, which is open to any kid who wants to hone his/her music skills, learn an instrument, improve their voice, or work on any other musical project. You must contact him (610-301-9911) if you would like to sign up or need more information.

New School Year Update

The Journey Cafe would like to thank you all for your continued patience and prayers as we work our how we will be handling our youth programs and after-school activities this year. Since the HASD had decided to have all in-person classes, we are trying to develop a way to still be open for the kids this year. While plans are still in the works, here is the update on what we DO know:

1.The Journey Cafe will not be hosting our typical after-school hang-out program. With its relative lack of structure and its “free-range” way of operating, it would be too hard for us to monitor its participants and enforce safety guidelines.

2. However, we WILL be hosting a more-focused arts program daily at the Journey in the after school hours. These groups will be centered around learning and creativity, and striving to teach/guide kids in meaningful experiences such as music, art, theater, technology, and many others. The Journey Cafe After School Arts Program is intended to help kids gain new skills and talents, while also encouraging friendship with other group members and above all, to show them the love of Jesus Christ. When we figure out our concrete schedule for these, we will readily make that information available.

3. Our regular evening programs (No Limits, Forge, etc.)are still planned to operate as normal. These are typically our more biblically-centered groups.

4. The after-school arts program and Rock-Us are planned to kick-in on the week of Sept. 14th.

That is what we know so far. As soon as we have more information to share, we will let everyone know. If you have any questions for us about our plans/procedures this year, you can contact Dan Bailey or email us at Thank you so much for your support in this ministry!

Rock-Us Going Live

Join us for Rock-Us on the Journey Cafe Facebook and Instagram Live on Wednesdays at 7pm! Then join our small group discussions on Zoom right afterwards. Contact your small group leader for Zoom details.

Friendship pts. 2 and 3

The past 2 weeks, Dan continued to talk about friendship and how good friends will help you in life. The second sermon in his series was all about how a friend will not leave you in the long run. And his third sermon was about how friends will carry you in the rough times of life. In short, good friends will carry each other’s burdens and will never leave your side. Just like how Jesus acts toward us, those are the friendship qualities we should look for in the people around us. And that is how we should act to our friends too!

Rock-Us 2/26 Friendship pt. 1

Dan started a new series on friendship and began with talking about the movie, Monsters University. In that movie, there is a lesson that is extremely important: good friends make you a better person. Your friendships have a huge impact on your life, so it is important that you surround yourself with good friends. Good friends encourage you, build you up, and challenge you to become better, much like how Mike did for Sully in the movie. If you take a look around you and evaluate your friendships, do you see goodness? If not, it might be time to make some decisions about whether you’re keeping those influences in your life.

Rock-Us 2/12 “180 Life pt. 2”

This week, Dan continued his “180 Life” series by talking about the movie, Toy Story. In that film, Woody felt extreme jealousy when Buzz Lightyear came to Andy’s room. Woody had been used to being the “favorite toy” and let his pride take him down a dark road. Lots of the struggles in that movie would have been avoided if Woody had treated Buzz the way that Jesus teaches us to live. The world is full of jealousy, and it often commends pridefulness. Jesus showed us a life that is completely opposite of that. Jesus showed humility and unconditional love; seen most prominently when he died on the cross for us. When we accept Jesus into our lives, He can change our hearts and turn our thoughts into ones of love and humility.

Rock-Us 2/5 “180 Life”

This week, Dan talked about how Jesus Christ can take a life and completely change it. When we ask Jesus to enter our lives, we “flip the script” and become new people. We used the movie, “Cars” to illustrate how radical change can be. Lightning McQueen was all about himself, all about winning, and all about speeding through life. It took an encounter with the cars of Radiator Springs to teach McQueen to slow down, notice others, and love them. That is the message that Jesus spread too. We should not be too busy for others, rather, we need to help them. We should not be self-centered, instead, be selfless. When Jesus enters our hearts, He brings change. Are you willing to follow His lead?

Rock-Us 1/29 Game Night!

We had a night full of fun and games instead of our normal sermon this week. We got some of the guys from Teen Challenge to join the teams and had an awesome time!