Rock-Us 1-10-18 “Catch Phrase”

This week’s word was “blind”. We started off with a fun blind-fold drawing game, then we had a skit that talked about seeing other people’s faults, but ignoring your own. The praise band sang their new song, “Freedom” again and got everyone in the spirit of worship. Dan continued his “Catch Phrase” sermon series with a message on blindness. Sometimes, there are areas of our lives that we are “blind” to. Maybe we’re blind to other people in our lives who need help, maybe we’re blind to our own faults and shortcomings, or maybe we’re even blind to God’s will for our lives. Jesus came to restore sight to the blind, literally and figuratively. Are there any areas of your life that you’ve been blind to? Jesus wants to open your eyes!

Here’s Dan’s sermon notes if you want to learn more: