So last week at Rock-Us, we mixed it up a little. We had an ENTIRELY youth-run night! From the game, to the praise band, to the skit team, to the sermon, to the small-groups, all of it was led by the student leaders. The theme of the night was “Focus: Shifting Your View to What Really Matters”. The night’s sermon talked about the different things that we focus on nowadays: clothing, popularity, money, the future, etc. and how instead we should be focusing our attention on God. We talked about the difference between Tom Brady and Tim Tebow. How Brady has pretty much everything, yet he’s still unsatisfied, and ¬†how Tebow has the same stuff as Brady, but is completely fulfilled. The difference between these two is that Tebow has his life focused on God. When you fix your eyes on God and what He says, then it doesn’t matter how your life is going here on Earth. He will satisfy you and give your life meaning. The youth praise-band sand a special song called, “Breathe” by Jonny Diaz. It reminds us to not get so distracted by the craziness of life, but instead to find peace and rest in God. All in all, it was a very powerful night, and we are SO proud of everyone who was apart of it.