Rock-Us 3/21/19 GodSense: Touch

So this week wrapped up Dan’s “GodSense”  sermon series. We were blessed to be joined by a group of guys from Teen Challenge for the night. For the message, Dan talked about the fifth sense, touch. Our sense of touch is what allows us to perform virtually every task. Walking, lifting things, sitting, etc. We had a showdown between 12 kids to see how long their muscles could endure holding a 5-pound weight straight out in front of them (The girls absolutely CRUSHED the guys BTW). Dan reminded us that we touch people by how we live and that we have a choice of HOW we touch others. We can either be selfish and disrespectful with how we touch others, or we can be like Jesus and be selfless and loving, reaching out to those in need. Make the choice today to touch people with the hands of Jesus!