Rock-Us 1/22 Life Compass pt. 3

This week we looked at the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series. We focused on Jack’s compass, a compass that wouldn’t point North. This compass points to whatever it is that the holder wants most. Throughout the first three movies of the POTC series, the main characters follow this compass around in all different directions. As their desires change, their direction changes, resulting in a lot of confusion and chaos. Instead of keeping the same morals, they abandoned their values and wasted lots of effort chasing temporary things. We can do the same thing when we let temporary aspects of life determine our desicion-making. We talked about three things that many of us follow in our lives: Trends, Friends, and It Depends. Trends and Friends are often temporary, and if we make all our decisions based on them, we might never go anywhere. It Depends situations are when you let your circumstances determine your moral behavior. You might act good in church, but different at a party. All three of these things can lead to an unsatisfying and potentially destructive life. That’s why we want to follow someone who will always point in the right direction. That someone is God. His way is right and His words never fail. He is the same always. Depend of Him, He will not let you down.