New School Year Update

The Journey Cafe would like to thank you all for your continued patience and prayers as we work our how we will be handling our youth programs and after-school activities this year. Since the HASD had decided to have all in-person classes, we are trying to develop a way to still be open for the kids this year. While plans are still in the works, here is the update on what we DO know:

1.The Journey Cafe will not be hosting our typical after-school hang-out program. With its relative lack of structure and its “free-range” way of operating, it would be too hard for us to monitor its participants and enforce safety guidelines.

2. However, we WILL be hosting a more-focused arts program daily at the Journey in the after school hours. These groups will be centered around learning and creativity, and striving to teach/guide kids in meaningful experiences such as music, art, theater, technology, and many others. The Journey Cafe After School Arts Program is intended to help kids gain new skills and talents, while also encouraging friendship with other group members and above all, to show them the love of Jesus Christ. When we figure out our concrete schedule for these, we will readily make that information available.

3. Our regular evening programs (No Limits, Forge, etc.)are still planned to operate as normal. These are typically our more biblically-centered groups.

4. The after-school arts program and Rock-Us are planned to kick-in on the week of Sept. 14th.

That is what we know so far. As soon as we have more information to share, we will let everyone know. If you have any questions for us about our plans/procedures this year, you can contact Dan Bailey or email us at Thank you so much for your support in this ministry!