Rock-Us 3-28-18 “Happy Day”

This week, Dan talked about the song, “Happy Day”. The praise band did a wonderful version of it during worship time, then Dan broke down the lyrics for us and related them to the Easter story. The drama team put on the “Everything” skit and moved many people to tears. The Teen Challenge guys hung out all night and gave us some inspiring words to hold on to. The best news is, at the end of his sermon, Dan gave the kids an opportunity to accept Christ into their hearts. Over eight kids chose to give their lives to Jesus this week. Praise God!


Rock-Us 2/28/18: GAME NIGHT!!

We mixed it up a little this week and just had a fun-filled game night. The “Dollar Tree Olympics” came back with a bunch of new and crazy games. The middle-school boys’ won the grand prize (surprisingly!), but everyone had lots of fun! The Teen Challenge guys came back and joined our groups for the night, we were all blessed by their testimonies and positive attitudes!


Rock-Us 01-31-18: Devil’s Deception

This week Dan talked about all the different ways that the Devil tries to deceive us. He used the illustration of chocolate-covered dog poop. It looks good on the outside, but has a nasty inside. It’s the same way with temptations. Satan makes sin look really good, but in reality, it only brings destruction. Don’t let yourself be fooled! Look to God for guidance and He will lead you on the right path. We made buttons with the “No dog poop” symbols on them to remind us not to fall for the Devil’s tricks. Here are Dan’s sermon notes if you want to learn more:

Catch Phrase_Devil’s_Deception

Rock-Us 1-10-18 “Catch Phrase”

This week’s word was “blind”. We started off with a fun blind-fold drawing game, then we had a skit that talked about seeing other people’s faults, but ignoring your own. The praise band sang their new song, “Freedom” again and got everyone in the spirit of worship. Dan continued his “Catch Phrase” sermon series with a message on blindness. Sometimes, there are areas of our lives that we are “blind” to. Maybe we’re blind to other people in our lives who need help, maybe we’re blind to our own faults and shortcomings, or maybe we’re even blind to God’s will for our lives. Jesus came to restore sight to the blind, literally and figuratively. Are there any areas of your life that you’ve been blind to? Jesus wants to open your eyes!

Here’s Dan’s sermon notes if you want to learn more:


Suggestion/Question Box

Got any questions about God, or Dan’s messages, or anything else? We now have a box on the coffee bar for that! Simply write your question on one of the slips of paper, then put it in the box, and we will be sure to answer it for you. The same goes for if you have any suggestions for the Journey. Got a new smoothie flavor idea? Put it in the box! Got something you want Dan to talk about at Rock-Us? Put it in the box! Special thanks to Stephen and Amie Ebling for starting this new feature at the Journey!

Rock-Us 1/3 “CatchPhrase”

This week, Dan kicked off a new sermon series, “Catch Phrase”, where he takes commonly-used phrases and relates them to his sermons. This week he used phrases that all contained the word “new” to tell the Gospel message. It was very engaging and creative. The praise band played a new song, “Freedom” and totally nailed it. And the skit team performed a piece about Jesus’ gift of salvation. It was an impactful night for a lot of people, what a great way to start off the new year!


Happy New Year!

Special thanks to all who came to the Rockin’ Lock-In! We stayed up late, ate lots of junk food, and just had a ton of fun! Happy New Year to all who come to the Journey: all the kids, the volunteers, the Rock-Us leaders, and everyone else! We hope 2018 is just as good, if not better than this past year!

Rock-Us Ultimate Upgrade: The Ultimate Gift


This week, we held the last Rock-Us of 2017! We kicked off with a crazy game of wrapping people up as giant Christmas presents, then our skit team put on a wonderful performance about the true meaning of Christmas. The praise band sounded awesome, as usual, and then Dan gave a message about how Jesus Christ is the ultimate Christmas Gift. Then, we gave out homemade Christmas ornaments that represented all the gifts that God gives us. We had nine kids who gave their lives to Christ for the first time, and nine others who rededicated their lives to Him! What a great way to end the year!


Rock-Us 12/6/17 Ultimate Upgrade-Splinters

Sometimes in life, we get splinters; problems that we can either deal with, ignore, or make worse. These splinters can grow into big issues in our lives. God wants to remove all of the splinters you’ve left in your life. That’s what we talked about at Rock-Us this week. Dan’s message was powerful and it led to some pretty heavy conversations in our small-groups. Read more about what we learned in Dan’s sermon notes below: