Rock-Us 10/10: Life Choices

This week at Rock-Us, we talked about all the different choices that we make in our lives. The little choices that we make everyday can impact our huge, life-changing decisions later. Let’s start making godly choices now so that our lives will honor God in the future! Here’s the sermon notes:


Rock-Us 10/3 Truth vs. Twister

Last week at Rock-Us, Dan talked about how the devil twists the truth to trick us and turn us away from God’s path. Satan can take good things, twist them just a tiny bit, and use them for evil. Watch out! God wants you to have a joyful, abundant life, so be sure not to fall for the Truth Twister’s tricks!

Here’s the sermon notes/ questions that our small groups talked about.


Summer Plans?

Just because school is ending, doesn’t mean we are! The Journey has LOTS of weekly summer programs to attend:

ONE Bible Study: Wednesdays at 6:00pm

Knights Of Godly Character: Thursdays at 3:00pm

The Journey Gym: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 5:00

And don’t forget all of our summer events listed on the Events page!

Last Rock-Us of 2017-2018 School Year

This Wednesday, we wrapped up our last Rock-Us of the 2017-2018 school year. The guys from Teen Challenge joined us for a night full of fun. Dan gave just a quick message about not wasting your time as a youth, but living a God-centered life NOW. The skit team put on their last performance, a hilarious sketch of what a week at the Journey really looks like, and the praise band led us in worship. The D-Boyz rap group from Teen Challenge sang some songs for us, and then this year’s graduating high-school seniors were honored and prayed over. After dinner, we had games, basketball, and of course, the dunk-tank! What a wonderful way of ending the year!


Rock-Us 5/2/18 “Soldier”

Remember when you were just a little kid? 2 or 3 years old? Were you worried about anything? Were you fearful at all? Of course not! All you knew was the fearless joy that comes with childhood innocence. You had your parents right there, watching over you. What happened to that care-free kid? We all had to grow up and face the world some time or another. Now our lives our filled with fears and anxieties. But it doesn’t have to be like this! God says that He will never leave us and that we don’t have anything to fear. He’s watching over us and will protect us. We can let go of the worries and fears because He’s promised to be right by our sides whenever we need strength. Dan used the song, “Soldier” by Gavin Degraw to  show us what God’s love looks like. If you have any fears or doubts, just give them to God and He will give you that joy you lost .

Click here for the song, “Soldier”

Click here for Dan’s sermon notes


Rock-Us 4/25/18 “You Are More”

This week, the praise band performed the song, “You Are More” by Tenth Avenue North. Then Dan’s sermon revolved around the message of its lyrics. The song basically says that your past mistakes don’t define who you are and that God loves you no matter what you’ve done. You may feel like you’re worthless or unloved, but God accepts you just the way you are and wants to help bring you out of your tough situations. God doesn’t judge you by your failures or mistakes, He just wants your open heart.

Here’s “You Are More” by the Journey Praise Band:

And here are Dan’s sermon notes:


Rock-Us 4-18-18 “Forgiveness pt. 2”

This week, Dan looked at the song, “Forgiveness” by Matthew West. While last week, we talked about God’s forgiveness, now we looked at our own forgiveness of others. Maybe you’ve been struggling against forgiving someone in your life. It may be hard to let go of that bitterness and anger in your heart, but the power of forgiveness can conquer all of that. Forgiveness is freeing, it breaks the chains that have been keeping you from happiness and reconciliation. Here are Dan’s sermon notes.


Rock-Us 4-11-18: Forgiveness

We had the gender-reveal of Stephen and Amie Ebling’s baby this Wednesday! They’re having a little girl! Welcome Baby Amariah! This week, Dan looked at the song, “Forgiveness” by TobyMac and Lecrae. He talked about how God still loves us and will forgive us, despite all of the mistakes we make. No matter who you are or what you’ve done, you’re not too far from God’s forgiveness. All you have to do is ask Him, and He will give you a clean slate. Dan also flipped this around by saying that since we’ve been forgiven, Christ now calls us to forgive others. Here’s the link to Dan’s sermon notes this week.


Rock-Us 3-28-18 “Happy Day”

This week, Dan talked about the song, “Happy Day”. The praise band did a wonderful version of it during worship time, then Dan broke down the lyrics for us and related them to the Easter story. The drama team put on the “Everything” skit and moved many people to tears. The Teen Challenge guys hung out all night and gave us some inspiring words to hold on to. The best news is, at the end of his sermon, Dan gave the kids an opportunity to accept Christ into their hearts. Over eight kids chose to give their lives to Jesus this week. Praise God!


Rock-Us 2/28/18: GAME NIGHT!!

We mixed it up a little this week and just had a fun-filled game night. The “Dollar Tree Olympics” came back with a bunch of new and crazy games. The middle-school boys’ won the grand prize (surprisingly!), but everyone had lots of fun! The Teen Challenge guys came back and joined our groups for the night, we were all blessed by their testimonies and positive attitudes!