Rock-Us 12-7-18 “The REAL meaning of Christmas”

This week marked our last night of Rock-US until January 2nd… so we made it a night to remember! The whole night was centered on one of the best days of the year-Christmas!!!! We had an ugly-sweater contest, some great games, and a meaningful message given by Dan. He reminded us that in the midst of all the candy, decorations, and presents, we need to remember the reason we celebrate Christmas. This day is special because it represents the day that God sent His Son Jesus, down to Earth as a human baby. God did this so that Jesus could die for our sins and give us the opportunity to have eternal life in Heaven! What an amazing gift! And what an important thing to remember this season. Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

Rock-Us 12/5 “Faith In The Storm”

This week at Rock-Us, we had Stephen Ebling give the message! He talked about a bit of his testimony and how he weathered through some storms in his life. He reminded us to have faith in God and to not focus on all the bad things that happen to us. Stephen related this to the story of Jesus calming the storm. The disciples were looking at the storm, so they were scared. But Jesus wanted them to have faith in Him, so He demonstrated His amazing power by stopping the wind and the waves! That same Savior is alive and in our hearts today! Have faith in His promises to protect and guide us!


So last week at Rock-Us, we mixed it up a little. We had an ENTIRELY youth-run night! From the game, to the praise band, to the skit team, to the sermon, to the small-groups, all of it was led by the student leaders. The theme of the night was “Focus: Shifting Your View to What Really Matters”. The night’s sermon talked about the different things that we focus on nowadays: clothing, popularity, money, the future, etc. and how instead we should be focusing our attention on God. We talked about the difference between Tom Brady and Tim Tebow. How Brady has pretty much everything, yet he’s still unsatisfied, and  how Tebow has the same stuff as Brady, but is completely fulfilled. The difference between these two is that Tebow has his life focused on God. When you fix your eyes on God and what He says, then it doesn’t matter how your life is going here on Earth. He will satisfy you and give your life meaning. The youth praise-band sand a special song called, “Breathe” by Jonny Diaz. It reminds us to not get so distracted by the craziness of life, but instead to find peace and rest in God. All in all, it was a very powerful night, and we are SO proud of everyone who was apart of it.


Camp Andrews 2018!

Thank you to everyone who joined us for Camp Andrews RENEW Weekend this year! We all had a blast! The theme for this year was knowing what you believe and defending your faith. We had AMAZING worship time, great fellowship, and a LOT of volleyball! Be sure to ask anyone who went about their time, they’d love to talk about their experience. If you missed it this year, be sure to join us next year!

Rock-Us 11/7 Dreamer pt. 2

Last week at Rock-Us, we talked about forgiveness and how it frees us. Dan again used the Biblical story of Joseph to explain his message. Joseph had every right not to forgive those who wronged him. They didn’t ask for forgiveness and it wasn’t fair. Yet Joseph decided to forget his pain and love those who didn’t deserve it. By doing this, he proclaimed freedom over his life and played a big part in fulfilling God’s plan of a coming Savior. If Joseph had kept that bitterness in his heart, it might’ve consumed him, and his brothers certainly would have died. Even if it seems impossible, God wants you to forgive those who have hurt you. He will help you and you won’t forget it!

Rock-Us 10/31/18 GAME NIGHT!

We had A LOT of fun last week at Rock-Us! Instead of the norm, Dan hosted a game night like never before! The teams had to combine their skills of athleticism, strategy, and skill for a chance to win some SUPER COOL prizes! Here’s some candid shots of the night’s activities…


Rock-Us 10/24: Dreamer

This week, Dan talked about the story of Joseph. Joseph lived in Bible times, and he had a lot of terrible things happen to him. His brothers betrayed him and sold him into slavery, he was thrown in jail for no reason, and he was forgotten. But despite all of these setbacks, Joseph still trusted in God. And God was able to use Joseph’s circumstances for good. In the end of the story, Joseph was able to save the whole nation of Egypt from starvation! God can use the bad things in our lives for good. If you want to read more about Dan’s message, here are his sermon notes:


Rock-Us 10/17: Hearing God’s Voice

This week at Rock-Us, we talked about God’s voice. In our lives, we have so many voices screaming so many things in our ears. A lot of the time, those voices do not have our best interests in mind. They want something from us. However, there IS a voice that is always right, always honest, always selfless, and always loving. That is the voice of God. When we listen to His voice, He shows us the right way to go. God lifts us up and encourages us to be our best. He will never lie or trick us. Try to listen for God’s voice in your life! To find out more about what we talked about, read Dan’s sermon notes below!


Rock-Us 10/10: Life Choices

This week at Rock-Us, we talked about all the different choices that we make in our lives. The little choices that we make everyday can impact our huge, life-changing decisions later. Let’s start making godly choices now so that our lives will honor God in the future! Here’s the sermon notes: