Camp Andrews 2019

We had a GREAT time at the Camp Andrews RENEW weekend last week! We had close to 40 people attend from the Journey Cafe youth group, and each one was touched by God. With amazing worship time, powerful messages, and genuine fellowship time with each other, it was a very encouraging weekend. The theme of the trip was “ENDURE.” Sometimes we go through really tough times in life, but we can follow Jesus’ example of endurance. He endured the cross because He had His eyes fixed on the prize ahead of Him: eternity with His people in Heaven. If we keep that image as our focal point, then we can endure the hard times in our lives. Thanks to everyone who made the weekend a success!

Rock-Us 11/6 “The Incredible Family”

This week at Rock-Us, we talked about the importance of having/building strong and supportive family relationships. Dan used the Parr family in the movie “The Incredibles” to illustrate that while families don’t always get along, it is imperative to stick together and have one anothers’ backs in the long run. Many of of us do not come from the ideal family, but there is hope. First, God is inviting you into His eternal family, to stay protected by Him forever. And second, you can make the decision to build your future family with God as the foundation. Here are Dan’s sermon notes and the small-group discussion questions:

Glow Sleepover Postponed :(

The girls had been planning on a sleepover at the Journey on November 1st, but unfortunately, the scheduling just didn’t work out for many of them. So the Glow-In-The-Dark sleepover will be moved to another date. We will update this website and our Journey Facebook page when a new date is decided upon. For any further information, please contact Amie Ebling.

Rock-Us 5/8 “The Greatest”

This week, Dan preached about the greatness of Jesus. He was the greatest friend, He was the greatest healer, He was the greatest comforter, and He showed¬† the greatest love. When we ask Him into our hearts, and we start living like He did, that is when we start living our greatest lives! The world can define greatness as how rich you are, how many friends you have, how popular you are on social media…all sorts of ways. But God defines greatness as being humble, obedient to Him, and loving to others. This life will be fulfilling and joyful and THE GREATEST! If your life is in need of some greatness, then perhaps you have an area where you are not letting God work in your heart. To have a truly great life, you must let God direct it.


Rock-Us 5/1 “The Joy of the Lord”

This week, Dan talked about how we look to a bunch of things in the world to give us joy. We search for it in popularity, money, friends, relationships, possessions, etc. But those things are only temporary, so the happiness that they bring us is also temporary. We can find everlasting, pure, untainted joy in Jesus, who is eternal. He gives us a joy that overflows in our hearts. Even when things don’t go our way, or we’re struggling with a tough situation, the joy that comes from knowing God and being saved by His Son still remains with us! What an amazing gift! Read Dan’s sermon notes here…


Rock-Us 4/24 “Senior Night”

This week, the seniors “took over” Rock-Us! They organized the game, preached the sermon, gave testimonies, performed a skit, and wrote out the discussion questions. The topic of the night was “Stepping up in your faith.” No matter who we are and where we are with God, we can ALL grow deeper in our faith. 1 Timothy 4:12 reminds young people that they don’t have to wait until they’re older to live for God. The time is right now! We are not promised tomorrow, so we should all be working to grow closer to God and accomplish His will for our lives. Great job seniors for all of your hard work!

Rock-Us 4-10 Y’all Need Jesus

Because Easter is so close, Dan talked about the story of Jesus’ crucifixion. Jesus dies because our sins required a payment to God. We needed blood to be spilled on our account to purify us for Heaven. Dan explained that there are things that we want in life and things that we need in life. Jesus’ sacrifice is something that we ALL need! Thank you Jesus for your awesome gift of eternal life!


Rock-Us 4/3 “Wise Friends”

So Dan has been talking about lessons that we can learn from the Biblical book of Proverbs. This week we talked about what God says about friendship. Friends are a very important part of our lives. They influence us in more ways than we can imagine. It is important that we choose godly friends who will help us grow as Christians. It is also important that we BE good friends to each other. We switched it up a bit by having a youth deliver the bulk of the sermon. Dan’s daughter, Greta offered her views on friendship and explained what Proverbs says on the subject. She gave her testimony about friendship through troubling times. The main point of this week’s sermon was that good friends are invaluable, you can find them by being one.

Rock-Us 3/21/19 GodSense: Touch

So this week wrapped up Dan’s “GodSense”¬† sermon series. We were blessed to be joined by a group of guys from Teen Challenge for the night. For the message, Dan talked about the fifth sense, touch. Our sense of touch is what allows us to perform virtually every task. Walking, lifting things, sitting, etc. We had a showdown between 12 kids to see how long their muscles could endure holding a 5-pound weight straight out in front of them (The girls absolutely CRUSHED the guys BTW). Dan reminded us that we touch people by how we live and that we have a choice of HOW we touch others. We can either be selfish and disrespectful with how we touch others, or we can be like Jesus and be selfless and loving, reaching out to those in need. Make the choice today to touch people with the hands of Jesus!