Rock-Us 4/24 “Senior Night”

This week, the seniors “took over” Rock-Us! They organized the game, preached the sermon, gave testimonies, performed a skit, and wrote out the discussion questions. The topic of the night was “Stepping up in your faith.” No matter who we are and where we are with God, we can ALL grow deeper in our faith. 1 Timothy 4:12 reminds young people that they don’t have to wait until they’re older to live for God. The time is right now! We are not promised tomorrow, so we should all be working to grow closer to God and accomplish His will for our lives. Great job seniors for all of your hard work!

Rock-Us 4-10 Y’all Need Jesus

Because Easter is so close, Dan talked about the story of Jesus’ crucifixion. Jesus dies because our sins required a payment to God. We needed blood to be spilled on our account to purify us for Heaven. Dan explained that there are things that we want in life and things that we need in life. Jesus’ sacrifice is something that we ALL need! Thank you Jesus for your awesome gift of eternal life!


Rock-Us 4/3 “Wise Friends”

So Dan has been talking about lessons that we can learn from the Biblical book of Proverbs. This week we talked about what God says about friendship. Friends are a very important part of our lives. They influence us in more ways than we can imagine. It is important that we choose godly friends who will help us grow as Christians. It is also important that we BE good friends to each other. We switched it up a bit by having a youth deliver the bulk of the sermon. Dan’s daughter, Greta offered her views on friendship and explained what Proverbs says on the subject. She gave her testimony about friendship through troubling times. The main point of this week’s sermon was that good friends are invaluable, you can find them by being one.

Rock-Us 3/21/19 GodSense: Touch

So this week wrapped up Dan’s “GodSense”  sermon series. We were blessed to be joined by a group of guys from Teen Challenge for the night. For the message, Dan talked about the fifth sense, touch. Our sense of touch is what allows us to perform virtually every task. Walking, lifting things, sitting, etc. We had a showdown between 12 kids to see how long their muscles could endure holding a 5-pound weight straight out in front of them (The girls absolutely CRUSHED the guys BTW). Dan reminded us that we touch people by how we live and that we have a choice of HOW we touch others. We can either be selfish and disrespectful with how we touch others, or we can be like Jesus and be selfless and loving, reaching out to those in need. Make the choice today to touch people with the hands of Jesus!


Rock-Us GodSense: Smell

Our fourth week of Dan’s “GodSense” sermon series centered around the sense of smell. Our sense of smell is amazing, we have over 10 million smell receptors in our noses, and can smell over 10 TRILLION different aromas! When something is rotten or bad, like spoiled milk, we can usually smell it before we let it contaminate us. The bad odor gives it away. Sin is the same way. It stinks, and others can smell it around us. We can try to deny that we stink of sin, we can try to cover it up (which never works for long), or we can actually take care of the smell by getting clean. Jesus wants to wash your sin (and its stink) away from your life! His blood will wash you clean forever!


Rock-Us 3/6 GodSense: Taste

This week at Rock-Us, we talked about our sense of taste. Basically, there are 4 main tastes that we experience: sweet, salty, sour, and bitter. We can relate those sensations to how we live our lives. A sweet person is a nice, loving, caring person, who puts others first. A salty person adds zest and flavor to life. They take every opportunity and strive to be the best they can be; they inspire others. A sour person is really just a “Debbie Downer.” Nothing in life brings them joy, and they make others feel the same way. A bitter person is unforgiving and judgemental. We can choose to be sweet and salty like Jesus was, or we can decide to be sour and bitter like Satan wants us to be. Above are some pictures from the various eating challenges we had last week!

Here are the sermon notes and questions:  5_Senses_of_Jesus_Taste_3_5_19

Rock-Us GodSense: Hearing

This week, Dan continued his sermon series on the five senses. He talked about our ears and how we should listen like Jesus did. Jesus used His ears in four important ways. 1) He went to a quiet place and listened to His father. 2) He took time to listen to others. 3) He didn’t listen to voices of evil. 4) He didn’t shy away from hearing the hard truths. We can use Jesus’ example when it comes to our ears. Are there some areas in this list that you struggle with?

Read Dan’s sermon notes here:   5_Senses_of_Jesus_Hearing_2_27_19

Rock-Us 2/13 God Sense: Vision

This week, Dan started a new sermon series called “God Sense.” Each week, we will be taking a close look at one of the five senses, and studying how Jesus used that sense for God’s glory. This week, we focused on our eyes. The human eye is amazing, it can do things that will blow your mind. But often times, we see things only from a human perspective. We see helpless people as a burden, or tough situations as hopeless. We should ask God to give us His eyes. Jesus looked at things with a heavenly perspective, with optimism, with love, with wisdom. Let us begin to look at things in our life in the way that Jesus would look at them!


Rock-Us 1-23 “Walking In Hope”

This week, Dan continued his series on hope by talking about walking with Jesus. many people claim to know God, but they fail to follow Him. Following Christ, living the way He wants you to, and letting Him carry your burdens is the way to find hope in your struggles. If you feel hopeless, maybe it’s because you haven’t given Jesus everything, and you’re not walking on His righteous path. Our key verse for the night was Matthew 11:28, “Come to me, all you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.”

Walking _n_Hope_1_23_19

Rock Us 1/16: The Book Of Hope

How do you get to know about someone really important? You look them up, read about them, and figure out who they were and what they stood for. You don’t just follow someone without knowing them! The same is true for God. He wants you to get to know Him, and a perfect way to do that is to read about Him in His book. The Bible is full of true stories that tell us who God is and what He has done for the world. It is the most historically trusted book in the world and every week, it is the #1 bestseller! More than just telling us about God, the Bible is a book of hope. Through it, God explains His love and His plan for us. If we ever need advice or don’t know which way to go, God’s words in this book are perfectly clear! We had a man from Teen Challenge, Heath, come up and tell us how the Bible changed his life. When he was hopeless and thought that he would never change, God spoke to Heath through His Word and gave Him a way out of his dark life. Praise the Lord for His love and mercy! If you are in need of hope, go to the source of all hope: Jesus Christ!